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Convert String To date in PHP (6)

How can I convert this string 05/Feb/2010:14:00:01 to unixtime ?

For PHP 5.3 this should work. You may need to fiddle with passing $dateInfo['is_dst'], wasn't working for me anyhow.

$date = '05/Feb/2010:14:00:01';
$dateInfo = date_parse_from_format('d/M/Y:H:i:s', $date);
$unixTimestamp = mktime(
    $dateInfo['hour'], $dateInfo['minute'], $dateInfo['second'],
    $dateInfo['month'], $dateInfo['day'], $dateInfo['year'],

Versions prior, this should work.

$date = '05/Feb/2010:14:00:01';
$format = '@^(?P<day>\d{2})/(?P<month>[A-Z][a-z]{2})/(?P<year>\d{4}):(?P<hour>\d{2}):(?P<minute>\d{2}):(?P<second>\d{2})[email protected]';
preg_match($format, $date, $dateInfo);
$unixTimestamp = mktime(
    $dateInfo['hour'], $dateInfo['minute'], $dateInfo['second'],
    date('n', strtotime($dateInfo['month'])), $dateInfo['day'], $dateInfo['year'],

You may not like regular expressions. You could annotate it, of course, but not everyone likes that either. So, this is an alternative.

$day = $date[0].$date[1];
$month = date('n', strtotime($date[3].$date[4].$date[5]));
$year = $date[7].$date[8].$date[9].$date[10];
$hour = $date[12].$date[13];
$minute = $date[15].$date[16];
$second = $date[18].$date[19];

Or substr, or explode, whatever you wish to parse that string.

If you're up for it, use the DateTime class

Simple exploding should do the trick:

$monthNamesToInt = array('Jan'=>1,'Feb'=>2, 'Mar'=>3 /*, [...]*/ );
$datetime = '05/Feb/2010:14:00:01';
list($date,$hour,$minute,$second) = explode(':',$datetime);
list($day,$month,$year) = explode('/',$date);

$unixtime = mktime((int)$hour, (int)$minute, (int)$second, $monthNamesToInt[$month], (int)$day, (int)$year);

Use the strtotime function:


 $date = "25 december 2009";
 $my_date = date('m/d/y', strtotime($date));
 echo $my_date;