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Is there any replacement for PHPDocumentor that supports PHP 5.3? (4)

Some of the new PHP 5.3 features, including namespaces and anonymous functions, are not compatible with PHPDocumentor, even with the latest release. For example, it just raises an error when it encounters "a function with no name", i.e. a closure. So, are there any other open-source tools that generate API documentation (preferably in HTML) from Javadoc-style comments in PHP 5.3 code?

Check ApiGen API documentation generator with PHP 5.3 support

Well, I've found PHPDoctor, which works pretty well with PHP 5.3. Although, I'd be still interested if anyone found something better, so I'm not closing the question.

You could try DocBlox; which is intended to be an alternative for phpDocumentor but with support for additional features of which full PHP 5.3 support is one. An additional benefit is that is it quite fast and uses relatively little memory.

You can read more on http://www.docblox-project.org or see a demo at http://demo.docblox-project.org/default