tutorial - Easy-to-use django captcha or registration app with captcha?

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For those like me arriving late to the thread, there are a bunch of solutions out there now, which are pretty easy to install:

I've successfully setup Django Mollom and Django Simple Captcha, and the hardest part was yak shaving around installing PIL on my Mac. Implementing the code was as straightforward as the docs for each would suggest.

I want to implement user registration using captcha in Django. The workflow of django-registration app is a great, but it doesn't have captcha.

What captcha would you recommend to use with it? Are there some other variants of registration+captcha or useful links on the topic?

This should work with Django-1.1 and don't be too hard to install.

I've just had this problem, but the solution is dead simple.

I'm using django-registration, and I want a reCAPTCHA field for user registration. In just 1 minute:

  1. download django-recaptcha (pip install django-recaptcha)

  2. install it on your project. That is, copy the "captcha" folder to your project, add "captcha" to INSTALLED_APPS and add your RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY and RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY keys to settings.py too (as described in the installation instructions)

  3. open registration/forms.py and add this field inside class RegistrationForm(forms.Form):

    captcha = ReCaptchaField()

    you will also have to import:

    from captcha.fields import ReCaptchaField

And that's it. Less than a minute.