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Prevent visual studio from limiting the setter method to internal (1)

Well, I use visual studio 2015 CE, update 2. One productivity hack I usually do is that I create empty model classes like:

public class PersonModel

and then use them in a select expression like:

db.People.Where(p => someCondition)
.Select(p => new PersonModel
    Id = p.Id,
    Name = p.Name,
    //set other properties

Then I go to the yet non-existing properties Id and Name, ... and press Control+. to ask visual studio to generate property Id for me. All great, but it will create:

public int Id { get; internal set; }

and if I use the same method in an asp.net webapi model binding, the binding will fail silently and give me Id = 0.

So my question is: is there any option to ask VS to create public setter, i.e.:

public int Id { get; set; }

You can do that by typing prop and press the TAB twice. It will require you to enter type and name for property though, won't extract it from existing one.

Best regards.