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MySQL load data infile-acceleration? (2)

InnoDB is a pretty good engine. However, it highly relies on being 'tuned'. One thing is that if your inserts are not in the order of increasing primary keys, innoDB can take a bit longer than MyISAM. This can easily be overcome by setting a higher innodb_buffer_pool_size. My suggestion is to set it at 60-70% of your total RAM on a dedicated MySQL machine.

sometimes, I have to re-import data for a project, thus reading about 3.6 million rows into a MySQL table (currently InnoDB, but I am actually not really limited to this engine). "Load data infile..." has proved to be the fastest solution, however it has a tradeoff: - when importing without keys, the import itself takes about 45 seconds, but the key creation takes ages (already running for 20 minutes...). - doing import with keys on the table makes the import much slower

There are keys over 3 fields of the table, referencing numeric fields. Is there any way to accelerate this?

Another issue is: when I terminate the process which has started a slow query, it continues running on the database. Is there any way to terminate the query without restarting mysqld?

Thanks a lot DBa