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How can I remove Description Label in ios-chart? (3)

For swift 4

barChart.chartDescription?.text = ""

I am trying to remove Description Label in ios-chart library. You can see it on the image below:

And I know that, on Android (MPAndroidChart library which is the predecessor of ios-chart), I can do the following:

barchart.setDescription(" ");

but I am trying to do the same on Swift:

barchart.description = ""

and I am getting the following error:

Cannot assign to property: 'description' is immutable

I have looked on the Internet and here in StackOverflow but could not see anything to remove it.

Is it possible to remove that Description Label on ios-chart library?

Thanks in advance!

In new version description is not a String its ChartDescription class.

ChartDescription *desc = [[ChartDescription alloc]init];
desc.text = @"";
chart.chartDescription = desc;

It's descriptionText, not description, description is NSObject variable

On Swift 3.0 and Chart 3.0:

barchart.chartDescription?.text = ""