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How to branch with TortoiseHG (3)

I downloaded TortoiseHg 1.0 for evaluation. For the life of me I can't figure out how to make a branch. It seems to understand branches (e.g. in its repository browser) but I just can't seem to find a way to make a branch. This seems like such a fundamental capability since out of the often touted benefits of DVC is the lightweight branching.

I Googled around and couldn't find much discussion of this topic (at least for recent versions) so I have to assume I'm missing something, right?

Update: So I flagged Chad Birch's answer below to answer the "new branch" issue. As he correctly points out, you do a commit and then click on the branch button to bring up the branch maintenance dialog which is where you create new branches. I kind of wish they had given us a context menu option for this. Once you've branched, the next natural question is how to merge and this is also not obvious. It turns out that option is buried in the repository explorer. You need to select the head of another branch, right-click and then select "Merge with...".

As shown in the docs, all you should need to do is just click on the branch: default button near the top of the commit dialog, and change to a new branch name.

Just wanted to add that in order to push new branch to remote repository there is a checkbox on the Synchronize tab under Options of "Allow push of a new branch" - you have to remember to turn it off again right afterwards.

To start new branch with TortoiseHg press Commit... then, above Commit message press Branch, then "Open new named branch: "