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Switching to landscape mode in Android Emulator (14)

This is probably a pretty easy to answer question, but I can't find the solution myself after a couple hours of searching the documentation and Google. I set the orientation of my Android app to landscape in the AndroidManifest.xml file:


However, when I run the app in the simulator, it appears sideways and in portrait mode. How can I switch the emulator to landscape mode on a mac? It's running the 1.6 SDK.

Ctrl + F11 works wonderfully on Ubuntu / Linux Mint.

Ctrl + F12 also works well on linux(ubuntu).

control+fn+F11 will do. There's no need for "command" key

Android Emulator Shortcuts

Ctrl+F11 Switch layout orientation portrait/landscape backwards

Ctrl+F12 Switch layout orientation portrait/landscape forwards

  1. Main Device Keys

Home Home Button

F2 Left Softkey / Menu / Settings button (or PgUp)

Shift+F2 Right Softkey / Star button (or PgDn)

Esc Back Button

F3 Call/ dial Button

F4 Hang up / end call button

F5 Search Button

  1. Other Device Keys

Ctrl+F5 Volume up (or + on numeric keyboard with Num Lock off) Ctrl+F6 Volume down (or + on numeric keyboard with Num Lock off) F7 Power Button Ctrl+F3 Camera Button

Ctrl+F11Switch layout orientation portrait/landscape backwards

Ctrl+F12 Switch layout orientation portrait/landscape forwards

F8 Toggle cell network

F9 Toggle code profiling

Alt+Enter Toggle fullscreen mode

F6 Toggle trackball mode

I have found that sometimes the CTRL + F11 combination just doesn't do it for me. I have solved it by disabling the keyboard input in the emulator settings.

To do that, go to your emulator settings, klick the "show advanced settings" button and scroll all the way down. Then, disable the "enable keyboard input" option.

After doing that, try to start your emulator again, and the CTRL + F11 combination should work.

I'm using Android Studio and none of the suggestions worked. I can turn the emulator but it stays in portrait. I didn't want to add a command in the manifest forcing landscape. The fix for me was:

  1. turn the emulator to landscape mode using ctrlF11 (the image will still be in portrait though)

  2. Open up the camera in the os, it opens up in landscape mode, the only app that does this

  3. without doing anything else, debug my app from Android Studio and now it shows up in landscape

Just a little bug (Bug for me) I found on mac emulator.

On changing the orientation to landscape (CtrlCmdF11) it changes to landscape but content shows in portrait format.for that:

Go to emulator: Settings-> Display->When device is rotated->Rotate the contents of the screen

Just use 9 in numeric keyboard with num-lock off.

7 rotates in the opposite direction.

On iMac with long keyboard (keyboard with numeric keypad at the right):

(1) Cmd + 7 (on numeric part of keyboard)
(2) Cmd + 9 (on numeric part of keyboard)

To rotate the Android Emulator, just disable the Num Lock key and and use the 7 and the 9 in the num pad to rotate the emulator and change its layout from portrait to landscape.

To switch to Landscape mode in android emulator u have 2 ways to accomplish.

1> You can create a relative layout such that when you switch from one mode to other it will change accordingly

2> You can create 2 separate XML file both the views and use it whenever required

following for different plateform

WINDOWS: Ctrl + F12

LINUX: Ctrl + F12

MAC OS X: control + F12 (or fn + control + F12, depending on your keyboard configuration)

for windows try left Ctrl key with F11 or F12 or Num off 7