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Why do I get instruments-“Target failed to run”? (4)

FYI for those running from the command line and getting the same issue, you have to use the fully qualified path to the application or instruments will blow up (with a relative path). That was a good waste of a couple hours tracking that down.

Target failed to run: Remote exception encountered: Faild to get task for pid 3103

I'm running iPhone OS 3.1.3 on the device and I can run my App in debug mode on the device.

I downloaded and installed the xcode_3.2.2_and_iphone_sdk_3.2_final.dmg twice, without any luck.

For those of you having this issues set your "Code Signing Identity" to IOS Developer, see below.

I got the same issue when I switched to XCode 4 and I solved it by setting my release code-signing profile to my development profile instead of the app store profile that was previously set. Indeed, Xcode 4 profiles your app using the release build by default.

In my case, I using distribute provisioning profile in Release, change to development provisioning profile will fix that.