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It looks like either your linewidth was set to zero or your edgecolor was set to 'none'. Matplotlib changed the defaults for these in 2.0. Try using:

plt.hist(gaussian_numbers, edgecolor='black', linewidth=1.2)

I have plotted a histogram in Jupyter (Python 2) and was expecting to see the outlines of my bars but this is not the case.

I'm using the following code:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from numpy.random import normal
gaussian_numbers = normal(size=1000)
plt.title("Gaussian Histogram")

No, there isn't any string.contains(str) method, but there is the in operator:

if substring in someString:
    print "It's there!!!"

Here is a more complex working example:

# Print all files with dot in home directory
import commands
(st, output) = commands.getstatusoutput('ls -a ~')
print [f for f in output.split('\n') if '.' in f ]

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