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Send messages to program through command line (2)

I suggest using either a Unix socket or D-Bus. Using a socket might be faster if you're familiar with Unix sockets programming and only want a few operations, whereas D-Bus might make it easier to concentrate on implementing the functionality in a familiar object-oriented way.

Take a look at Beej's Guide to Unix IPC, particularly the chapter on Unix sockets.

I have this program, we'll call it Host. Host does all kinds of good stuff, but it needs to be able to accept input through the command line while it's running. This means it has to somehow send its other process data and then quit. For example, I need to be able to do this:

./Host --blahblah 3 6 3 5

This should somehow end up calling some function in Host called

handleBlahBlah(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2){
  //do some more sweet stuff

Host is a C program, and does not need to support multiple instances.

An example of this is Amarok music player. With Amarok running and playing, you can type "amarok --pause" and it will pause the music.

I need to be able to do this in Linux or Windows. Preferably Linux.

What is the cleanest way to implement this?

If it needs to be cross-platform, you might want to consider making the running instance listen on a TCP port, and have the instance you fire up from the command-line send a message to that port.