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Disable rate limiter in Laravel? (4)

Is there a way to disable rate limiting on every/individual routes in Laravel?

I'm trying to test an endpoint that receives a lot of requests, but randomly Laravel will start responding with { status: 429, responseText: 'Too Many Attempts.' } for a few hundred requests which makes testing a huge pain.

Assuming you are using the API routes then you can change the throttle in app/Http/Kernel.php or take it off entirely. If you need to throttle for the other routes you can register the middleware for them separately.

(example below: throttle - 60 attempts then locked out for 1 minute)

'api' => [

If you want to disable just for automated tests, you can use the WithoutMiddleware trait on your tests.

use Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\WithoutMiddleware;

class YourTest extends TestCase {
    use WithoutMiddleware;


Otherwise, just remove the 'throttle:60,1', line from your Kernel file (app/Http/Kernel.php), and your problem will be solved.

In Laravel 5.7

Dynamic Rate Limiting You may specify a dynamic request maximum based on an attribute of the authenticated User model. For example, if your User model contains a rate_limit attribute, you may pass the name of the attribute to the throttle middleware so that it is used to calculate the maximum request count:

Route::middleware('auth:api', 'throttle:rate_limit,1')->group(function () {
    Route::get('/user', function () {

You can actually disable only a certain middleware in tests.

use Illuminate\Routing\Middleware\ThrottleRequests;

class YourTest extends TestCase 

    protected function setUp()