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Embedded Database for.net that can run off a network (8)

SQLite came to my mind while reading your question, and I'm quite sure that it's possible to access it from a network drive if you keep yourself to the constraint of 1 user at a time.

SQLite on .NET - Get up and running in 3 minutes

I was (and still am) looking for an embedded database to be used in a .net (c#) application. The caveat: The Application (or at least the database) is stored on a Network drive, but only used by 1 user at a time.

Now, my first idea was SQL Server Compact edition. That is really nicely integreated, but it can not run off a network.

Firebird seems to have the same issue, but the .net Integration seems to be not really first-class and is largely undocumented.

Blackfish SQL looks interesting, but there is no trial of the .net Version. Pricing is also OK.

Any other suggestions of something that works well with .net and runs off a network without the need of actually installing a server software?

It sounds like ADO/Access is perfect for your needs. It's baked into the MS stack, well seasoned, and multi-user.

You can programatically create a DB like so:

Dim catalog as New ADOX.Catalog
Catalog.Create("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=\\server\path\to\db.mdb")

You can then use standard ADO.NET methods to interact with the database.

The MIT licensed C#-SQLite might be the right solution. It's a complete managed port of SQLite, so it can be used with Silverlight.

This is an old question, but I thought I'd add an answer in case anyone stumbles on it. My company just released an open source embedded XML database for the .NET platform called Nxdb. It's under the Apache 2.0 license and has been in development and use internally for several years. It's basically a binding to a cross-compiled (using IKVM) version of BaseX (a fantastic Java XML database) along with extra functionality for the embedded use case and the .NET environment. The project page is here: https://dracorp.assembla.com/spaces/nxdb

(Hopefully linking to my own project doesn't irk the mods, but I figured since this post directly answers the question and provides a link to a permissive OS project it would be okay).

Embedded xml database with .NET binding

Do you mean something like: "SQL Server CE 2.0 and the .NET Compact Framework"

If this is what you seek,I am sure a quick search in the spirit of the above mentioned will result similar things with later versions (like SqlCE 3.5).

Using SQLite with Visual Studio 2008 and Silverlight

Joel Lucsy: That implementation of SQLite is a mixed-mode assembly which is not supported by Silverlight. Only a pure managed implementation would work under the Silverlight CLR.