xcode - failed - nsurlconnection finished with error code objective c

NSURLConnection finished with error-code-1002 (2)

Friends i have simple audio player (MPMoviePlayerController) which can play audio stream. On iOS 11 i have very interessing trouble, thousand time i have error and my stream was stopped:

NSURLConnection finished with error - code -1002

I paste this code (this code i saw on stackowerflow) but it's not help to me:


Maybe you know best solution?

First thing you must use secure server (server with valid certificate). I'm not sure either it is necessary or not because i never tried to hit server with invalid certificate. You can try this code (not sure it will work for you or not) put this code in Appdelegate.m

@implementation NSURLRequest(DataController)
+ (BOOL)allowsAnyHTTPSCertificateForHost:(NSString *)host
    return YES;

That error should not be related to using HTTP instead of HTTPS. App Transport Security failures return error code -1022.

The error code -1002 indicates an invalid URL. Perhaps your HTTP live streaming playlist file contains a structurally invalid URL (e.g. missing scheme, a scheme other than http/https, etc.)?

For additional debugging, set this environment variable


in your Xcode project and re-run the app. Once you know what URL is failing, the problem will likely become more obvious.

If it isn't, file a bug.