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When using create-react-app why does the development server keep disconnecting? (1)

If you are using Chrome, this might be connected to webpack-dev-server (which create-react-app uses under the hood) issue described here.

Since this has been already addressed by create-react-app team, check the latest available version of react-scripts here: changelog, bump the react-scripts version in your package.json to match it and run npm install (or yarn install) in your project's folder to update to the latest version.

It happens arbritarily, like once every 3 or 4 refreshes, the server just disocnnects with this message in the console:

The development server has disconnected.
Refresh the page if necessary.

I looked at one of the other SO threads and my problem seems different because that's about the webpack watcher not connecting to begin with, in my case it works but disconnects very often. I haven't even ejected the app so not sure why this can be. Anyone else had this problem and found a solution?