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Eclipse find in project? (10)

1. Ctrl + H
2. Choose File Search for plain text search in workspace/selected projects

For specific expression searches, choose the relevant tab (such as Java Search which allows you to search for specific identifiers)

For whole project search:

3. Scope (in the form section) > Enclosing project (Radio button selection).

Does Eclipse have a way to search a whole project for some text like Xcode's "find in project" feature?

CTRL + H is actually the right answer, but the scope in which it was pressed is actually pretty important. When you have last clicked on file you're working on, you'll get a different search window - Java Search:

Whereas when you select directory on Package Explorer and then press Ctrl + H (or choose Search -> File.. from main menu), you get the desired window - File Search:

Ctrl + H is the best way! Remember to copy the string before you start searching!

Ctrl+H is very handy here. I mostly search in the current project, not the whole workspace. To find all occurences in the whole project of a string that is in your current buffer, just select the string press Ctrl+H and hit enter. Easy as that!

Use Resource Filters! Eclipse will restrict the search result using the Resource Filters defined for your project (eg. right click on you project name and select Properties -> Resource -> Resource Filters). So if you keep getting search hits from parts of your project that your not interested in you could make Eclipse skip those by adding a Resource Filter for them. This is especially useful if you have build files or logs or other temporary files that are part of your projects directory structure, but you only want to search amongst the source code. You should also be aware of that files/directories matched for exclusion in the Resource Filters will not show up in the Package Explorer either, so you might not always want this.

Search and Replace'

Ctrl + F Open find and replace dialog

Ctrl + F / Ctrl + Shift + K Find previous / find next occurrence of search term (close find window first).

Ctrl + H Search Workspace (Java Search, Task Search, and File Search).

Ctrl + J / Ctrl+Shift +J Incremental search forward / backwards. Type search term after pressing Ctrl+J, there is now search window Ctrl+shift+O Open a resource search dialog to find any class

First customize your search dialog. Ctrl+H. Click on the Customize button and select inly File Search while deselecting all the others. Close the dialog.

Now you can search by selecting the word and hitting the Ctrl+H and then Enter.

Press Ctrl + H to bring up the search that includes options to search via project, directory, etc.

There is no way to do pure text search in whole work workspace/project via a shortcut that I know of (and it is a PITA), but this will find references in the workspace:

  1. Put your cursor on what you want to lookup
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + g

What others have forgotten is Ctrl+Shift+L for easy text search. It searches everywhere and it is fast and efficient. This might be a Sprint tool suit which is an extension of eclipse (and it might be available in newer versions)

yes, but you need to open the global search panel. to do so, press the binoculars icon on the top right corner of the IDE.

you can even filter searches by function identifiers, method scopes an etc...