length - get second character of string c#

C# equivalent to Java's charAt()? (4)

Console.WriteLine allows the user to specify a position in a string.

See sample:

string str = "Tigger"; Console.WriteLine( str[0] ); //returns "T"; Console.WriteLine( str[2] ); //returns "g";

There you go!

I know we can use the charAt() method in Java get an individual character in a string by specifying its position. Is there an equivalent method in C#?

Simply use String.ElementAt(). It's quite similar to java's String.charAt(). Have fun coding!

please try to make it as a character

string str = "Tigger";
//then str[0] will return 'T' not "T"

you can use LINQ

string abc = "abc";
char getresult = abc.Where((item, index) => index == 2).Single();