javascript - without - How can I convert an array to an object by splitting strings?

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I don't think there is an elegant way because you use the "-" sign to separate key and value. So, the best way would be:

let element = {};
array.forEach(item => {
result = item.split("-"); 
element[result[0]] = result[1];

I have an array like below:

["gender-m", "age-20", "city-london", "lang-en", "support-home"]

I tried to generate a JSON object:

{"gender":"m", "age":"20", "city":"london", "lang":"en", "support":"home"}

One solution I can think of is using FOR loop to make it, but I am sure there are elegant solutions for this. Any suggestions, please help me.

It can be solve with split and a map, foreach item inside of the array replace the - with : using the split it will be turned into a key value, then assign those values to the object you want to return.

var arrayObject = ["gender-m", "age-20", "city-london", "lang-en", "support-home"];
var objectResulted ={};
  var splitedValue = item.split('-');  
  objectResulted [splitedValue[0]]= splitedValue[1] 


Use Array.reduce method

["gender-m", "age-20", "city-london", "lang-en", "support-home"].map(s => s.split('-')).reduce((rs, el) => {rs[el[0]] = el[1]; return rs;}, {});

Use Array.reduce

const arr = ["gender-1", "age-m", "city-london", "lang-en", "support-home"]
arr.reduce((acc, c) => {
    const str = c.split('-')
    return {...acc, [str[0]]: str[1]}
}, {})

You could take Object.fromEntries with the splitted key/value pairs.

var data = ["gender-m", "age-20", "city-london", "lang-en", "support-home"],
    result = Object.fromEntries( => s.split('-')));