javascript - Why React Hook useState uses const and not let

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After calling setCount the component is rerendered and the new call of useState returns the new value. The point is that count is immutable. So there's no typo here.

Technically it is a new variable at every render.

Source: React Github issue: Docs - Hooks: is that const a typo ?

The standard way to use a React useState Hook is the following:

const [count, setCount] = useState(0);

However this const count variable is clearly going to be reassigned to a different primitive value.

Why then is the variable not defined as let count ?

clearly going to be reassigned to a different primitive value

Not really. When the component is rerendered, the function is executed again, creating a new scope, creating a new count variable, which has nothing to do with the previous variable.


let _state;
let _initialized = false;
function useState(initialValue) {
  if (!_initialized) {
    _state = initialValue;
    _initialized = true;
  return [_state, v => _state = v];

function Component() {
  const [count, setCount] = useState(0);

  setCount(count + 1);

Component(); // in reality `setCount` somehow triggers a rerender, calling Component again
Component(); // another rerender

Note: Hooks are way more sophisticated and are not actually implemented like this. This is just to demonstrate a similar behavior.