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jQuery select img with src (1)

I'm not sure why the difference, but try using the $= attribute ends with selector.

Seems to work.



EDIT: The difference may have something to do with the method of getting the attribute value that jQuery uses at different times.

Using native methods:

element.getAttribute("src") // returns the actual value that was set

element.src // returns the value but with the full domain path

So I'm guessing jQuery uses both of these at different times.

I want to select an image (with jQuery) by the src attribute. The Image is inside an ul and a collection of div's. The id of the ul is "sortable".

Here is my HTML:

<ul id="sortable">
  <li id="pic_0">
    <div class="sortEleWrapper">
      <div class="imgWrapper">
        <img src="/test1.jpg">
      <input type="text" name="picText" id="picText" value="""" style="width:105px;color:#aaa" class="sortInput">
    <input type="hidden" id="picSrc" name="picSrc" value="/test1.jpg">


and here is my js:

if($('#sortable').find('img[src="/test1.jpg"]').length > 0){
    alert('img exists');
    alert('img doesnt exists');

My problem is, that they don't find any image. But if I write the js like this:

if($('img[src="/test1.jpg"]').length > 0){
    alert('img exists');
    alert('img doesnt exists');

so they find the image.