how - string to byte array without encoding

How do you convert a string to a byte array in.NET? (3)

First work out which encoding you want: you need to know a bit about Unicode first.

Next work out which System.Text.Encoding that corresponds to. My Core .NET refcard describes most of the common ones, and how to get an instance (e.g. by a static property of Encoding or by calling a Encoding.GetEncoding.

Finally, work out whether you want all the bytes at once (which is the easiest way of working - call Encoding.GetBytes(string) once and you're done) or whether you need to break it into chunks - in which case you'll want to use Encoding.GetEncoder and then encode a bit at a time. The encoder takes care of keeping the state between calls, in case you need to break off half way through a character, for example.

I have a string that I need to convert to the equivalent array of bytes in .NET.

This ought to be easy, but I am having a brain cramp.

Like this:

    string test = "text";
    byte[] arr = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(test);

You need to use an encoding to tell .NET what you expect as the output. For example, in UTF-16:

var result = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(text);