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JSF —<ui:repeat/> over a java.util.Set? (2)

Consider using c:forEach instead. It appears that ui:repeat does not support sets (i.e. requires some sort of ordering property).

Otherwise you can create your own tag as described in: http://techblog.bozho.net/?p=28

Does the <ui:repeat /> tag support iterating over a java.util.Set? I've tried iterating over my JPA domain entity objects contained in a Set, but receive errors. Is there something I'm missing? Does an additional flag need to be present or something?

No, the ui:repeat does not support Set, nor does h:dataTable.

You should return a List from the Set, and use that instead.

public List<T> getListFromSet(Set<T> set) {
  return new ArrayList<T>(set);

You should avoid using c:forEach; here is an article on why.