special - Regex-Does not contain certain Characters

regex not operator (2)

Here you go:


This will test for string that has no < and no >

If you want to test for a string that may have < and >, but must also have something other you should use just

[^<>] (or ^.*[^<>].*$)

Where [<>] means any of < or > and [^<>] means any that is not of < or >.

And of course the mandatory link.

I need a regex to match if anywhere in a sentence there is NOT either < or >.

If either < or > are in the string then it must return false.

I had a partial success with this but only if my < > are at the beginning or end:


I am using .Net if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the help.

Add on Question:

I was wondering, how would you modify the below regex's to only return false if the text includes a tag like <test>?


The caret in the character class ([^) means match anything but, so this means, beginning of string, then one or more of anything except < and >, then the end of the string.