linux - sessions - How do I view a log file generated by screen(screenlog.0)

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So I just found out I can create log files of everything I do in screen (C-a H). Sounds like a nice way to keep track of potential goofs in a particular screen session. However, when I went to try it out the logfile is reported as being a binary file (and can't be viewed like a regular text as such). So am I missing something? A quick man page looksee and searching Google (and SO) turns up nothing about this.

So my question is: How do I generate plain text log files in screen?

Assuming the answer is "What a noob... how about you try making them? RTFM." my question becomes: How do I use less to view screen logfiles I've created (since less screenlog.0 does not work on a binary file)?

EDIT: So cat works fine but less complains that the file is binary... why?

SOLUTION: as jcomeau_ictx helpfully pointed out, you can view these logfiles fine with cat or more but with less you must add the -r flag less -r screenlog.0

-L logs to file, tail -f 'logfilename' to monitor this file

I found neither less nor more nor cat to be an ideal solution for viewing screenlog files. All "replay" some of the control character so that e.g. screen deletions as produced by "clear" (don't remember the corresponding control character) are beeing shown, hiding what has been cleared.

What i know works great is: use "view" or "vi", it just shows the control character in escaped notation. Probably any other text editor works, too (not tested).