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Can I concatenate multiple MySQL rows into one field? (6)

Alternate syntax to concatenate multiple, individual rows

WARNING: This post will make you hungry.


I found myself wanting to select multiple, individual rows—instead of a group—and concatenate on a certain field.

Let's say you have a table of product ids and their names and prices:

| product_id | name               | price |
|         13 | Double Double      |     5 |
|         14 | Neapolitan Shake   |     2 |
|         15 | Animal Style Fries |     3 |
|         16 | Root Beer          |     2 |
|         17 | Lame T-Shirt       |    15 |

Then you have some fancy-schmancy ajax that lists these puppies off as checkboxes.

Your hungry-hippo user selects 13, 15, 16. No dessert for her today...


A way to summarize your user's order in one line, with pure mysql.


Use GROUP_CONCAT with the the IN clause:

mysql> SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(name SEPARATOR ' + ') AS order_summary FROM product WHERE product_id IN (13, 15, 16);

Which outputs:

| order_summary                                  |
| Double Double + Animal Style Fries + Root Beer |

Bonus Solution:

If you want the total price too, toss in SUM():

mysql> SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(name SEPARATOR ' + ') AS order_summary, SUM(price) AS total FROM product WHERE product_id IN (13, 15, 16);
| order_summary                                  | total |
| Double Double + Animal Style Fries + Root Beer |    10 |

PS: Apologies if you don't have an In-N-Out nearby...

Using MySQL, I can do something like:

SELECT hobbies FROM peoples_hobbies WHERE person_id = 5;

My Output:


but instead I just want 1 row, 1 col:

Expected Output:

shopping, fishing, coding

The reason is that I'm selecting multiple values from multiple tables, and after all the joins I've got a lot more rows than I'd like.

I've looked for a function on MySQL Doc and it doesn't look like the CONCAT or CONCAT_WS functions accept result sets, so does anyone here know how to do this?

Have a look at GROUP_CONCAT if your MySQL version (4.1) supports it. See the documentation for more details.

It would look something like:

  FROM peoples_hobbies 
  WHERE person_id = 5 
  GROUP BY 'all';

In my case I had a row of Ids, and it was neccessary to cast it to char, otherwise, the result was encoded into binary format :


Use MySQL(5.6.13) session variable and assignment operator like the following

SELECT @logmsg := CONCAT_ws(',',@logmsg,items) FROM temp_SplitFields a;

then you can get


You can change the max length of the GROUP_CONCAT value by setting the group_concat_max_len parameter.

See details in the MySQL documantation.