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Eclipse syntax coloring on Netbeans (2)

@nmartins: I guess eclipse color syntax coloring in netbeans would be a manual can try other available color profiles by going to

netbeans->tools->options->Fonts & Colors tab and choose different Profile from drop down and click OK. You may find something closer to eclipse.

However you can get eclipse keyboard shortcuts in netbeans by selecting "eclipse" from drop-down in netbeans->tools->options->Keymap

I'm now using NetBeans as my Java IDE after having used Eclipse for a while. Is there a way to export Eclipse's syntax highlighting settings for use in NetBeans, or otherwise configure NetBeans syntax highlighting to behave like Eclipse?

As promised in my comment on this question I created a simple eclipse-color-scheme for netbeans. This does not claim to be complete at all, partly because some settings are just impossible in netbeans (and vice-versa it seems) and partly because this is sufficient for me at the moment.

I did put the config on github so it is easy to fork and modify if you feel something is missing and want to share your improvement.

You can build the .zip yourself with maven or download a ready-to-use .zip at github.