java to - Netbeans: how do I change the name of a project?

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you must right click on your project in Project window [ctrl + 1] and choose rename option for

renaming your project name.

in eclipse

I need to change the name of my application, so people who download and install it can see the name but I don't know where to do it.

What file do I need to edit?

If your project is Maven based, you can either add/update the application name in pom.xml (found in Project Files folder) or go to File >> Project Properties and add/update the application name.

If you use gradle: BuildScripts/Project/settings.gradle = 'yourprojectname'

Rightclick on the project node and select rename. If you want the folder of the project also to have the new name or whatever that wasnt renamd then : build.xml in text editor find old name and replace with new one. Its place is: C:\NBProjectsFolder\OldName\build.xml Save that.
2. Remove all cash situated in , e.g.: C:\NBProjectsFolder\OldName\build\gwt-unitCache.
3. Find in C:\NBProjectsFolder\OldName\nbproject\private private.xml file and edit it in a text redactor by renaming old name within the file. Save that.

Do all the changes when the Netbeans was closed. After opening the Ntbeans it may ask to reimport the project and all files you changed will be recognized/recreated automatically


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