javascript html - Detect user's gesture such as swipe

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I use a JavaScript framework called xui (homepage) that has a similar API to jQuery.

You can use this framework coupled with the swipe plugin to get access to easy gesture events. See the swipe/ directory under that repository for the code and example (specifically under index.html). A brief example:

x$('body').swipe(function(e, data) {
    console.log('type:' + data.type + ' deltaX:' + data.deltaX + ' deltaY:' + data.deltaY + ' distance:' + data.distance + ' delay:' + data.delay+' direction:' + data.direction  );

I am using phonegap for build android apps.

I would like to detect user's gesture such as a user's swipe. Is there an event i can call from javascript?


The onSaveInstanceState(bundle) and onRestoreInstanceState(bundle) methods are useful for data persistence merely while rotating the screen (orientation change).
They are not even good while switching between applications (since the onSaveInstanceState() method is called but onCreate(bundle) and onRestoreInstanceState(bundle) is not invoked again.
For more persistence use shared preferences. read this article

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