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Convert DataRowCollection to IEnumerable<T> (3)

A simple direct solution is to use the method "Select()" of a System.Data.DataTable object, which produces "DataRow[]". From this you can treat as an IEnumberable using Linq like below:

List<MyItem> items = dtItems.Select().Select(row => new MyItem(row)).ToList();

Providing a useful list of objects for each row.

I would like to do something like this in .NET 3.5. What's the quickest way?

IEnumerable<DataRow> collection = 
    TypedDataSet.TypedTableBase<DataRow>.Rows as IEnumerable<DataRow>;

Assuming you're using .NET 4.0, which introduces covariance:

// Presumably your table is of some type deriving from TypedTableBase<T>,
// where T is an auto-generated type deriving from DataRow.
IEnumerable<DataRow> collection = myTypedTable;

The table type itself implements IEnumerable<T> where T : DataRow.


IEnumerable<DataRow> collection = myTypedTable.Cast<DataRow>();

You can call OfType<DataRow>() on the DataRowCollection.