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How do you push a tag to a remote repository using Git? (7)

git push --follow-tags

This is a sane option introduced in Git 1.8.3:

git push --follow-tags

It pushes both commits and only tags that are both:

  • annotated
  • reachable (an ancestor) from the pushed commits

This is sane because:

It is for those reasons that --tags should be avoided.

Git 2.4 has added the push.followTags option to turn that flag on by default which you can set with:

git config --global push.followTags true

I have cloned a remote Git repository to my laptop, then I wanted to add a tag so I ran

git tag mytag master

When I run git tag on my laptop the tag mytag is shown. I then want to push this to the remote repository so I have this tag on all my clients, so I run git push but I got the message:

Everything up-to-date

And if I go to my desktop and run git pull and then git tag no tags are shown.

I have also tried to do a minor change on a file in the project, then push it to the server. After that I could pull the change from the server to my Desktop computer, but there's still no tag when running git tag on my desktop computer.

How can I push my tag to the remote repository so that all client computers can see it?

Please do not use it, if you are only looking for a command because the main intention of this solution is to introduce you a way of solutions !

To make life easier - i wrote a script git-cheat-sheet ,that contains some useful commands , including the following:

./git_commands.sh -push_tag TAG_NAME

If you are working in a branch:

git push --tags origin branch_name

To push a single tag:

git push origin <tag_name>

And the following command should push all tags (not recommended):

git push --tags

To push specific, one tag do following git push origin tag_name

You can push your local tags by simply git push --tags command.

$ git tag                            # see tag lists
$ git push origin <tag-name>         # push a single tag
$ git push --tags                    # push all local tags