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Node.js MVC framework (6)

Express.js seems to very popular to use as a general framework. Combined with socketio.js and underscore.js these are very popular libraries but they are not MVC.

For MVC I've only used backbone.js / spine.js and can't give any recommendation for the others. I don't think there is a framework with a dominating popularity going yet because node.js doesn't have much use in production.

There are statistics for popular downloads with npm somewhere. See if you can find them.

I would like to use Node.js to develop a website. I've seen a lot of frameworks here: but do not know which one is the most accepted by the community (let's say: the most popular). Did anyone tried any of these frameworks and/or used it in production and what is your experience? Thanks.

Another great MVC framework that is up and coming is Sails.JS. It is inspired by ruby on rails and has features such as socket support, Restful API and more.

I just released Locomotive, which is an MVC framework inspired by Ruby on Rails.

Express is phenomenal, especially for smaller apps. Recognizing that, Locomotive is built completely on top of Express (similar to how Express builds on top of Connect). Locomotive essentially adds a controller layer along with a router that can declare resourceful routes and generates routing helper functions. Internally, everything is powered by Express, which means the view layer remains the same and all middleware can be reused.

One of the bigger hurdles when learning Node is figuring out how to best structure a web application. Locomotive attempts to solve that problem, using conventions from Ruby on Rails, while retaining the full power of Express and Node.

Just came across a new one called Derby which looks like it has a lot of promise. Its main benefit seems to be that it cuts down on a lot of the "glue code" (as they put it) that we often write when trying to use rails and backbone, or django and backbone together. The documentation seems pretty decent for a node framework as well.

There are a few more frameworks which you could check:

ThinkJS the first Node.js MVC framework that can use full ES6/7 features to develop Node.js application.

Feathers a minimalist real-time framework.


Keystone.js built on Express and MongoDB (MIT license).

seneca.js Everything external to a business logic - such as databases, caches and third-party integrations - is hidden behind microservices.

Catberry was developed to help create apps that use the same codebase on both the server and client environments to render what the client would see as a "Single Page Application".

Nuke.js Fast framework. The stack contains primus, express, mithril, mongodb and redis

Hapi.js rich web application server framework for Node.js.

total.js The framework contains full web server, view engine, SMTP mail sender, localization, image processing, websockets, isomorphic code and a lot of utilities

There is matador. It is MVC and it consists of many different existing components, such as Klass for inheritance model, express, hogan.js, and valentine. Backbone.js is pretty much used for client side. For node, i think there's probably only matador that I know.

I'd suggest you against using it if you're to use matador for production or replace your existing MVC platform (or at least have a bottleneck/good reason to use it) since it's pretty new, and your productivity also depends on the javascript resources you have. We ourselves use node.js very extensively (our node.js deployment serves close to +4 Million users to date) and we have a significant number of javascript specialists we experiment a lot and probably look into using matador soon. Hope that helps.