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“using” namespace equivalent in ASP.NET markup (2)

When I'm working with DataBound controls in ASP.NET 2.0 such as a Repeater, I know the fastest way to retrieve a property of a bound object (instead of using Reflection with the Eval() function) is to cast the DataItem object to the type it is and then use that object natively, like the following:


The problem is, if this type is in a namespace (which is the case 99.99% of the time) then this single statement because a lot longer due to the fact that the ASP page has no concept of class scope so all of my types need to be fully qualified.


Is there any kind of using directive or some equivalent I could place somewhere in an ASP.NET page so I don't need to use the full namespace every time?

I believe you can add something like:

<%@ Import Namespace="RootNamespace.SubNamespace1" %> 

At the top of the page.