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I had the same question when trying to go through some introductory applet exercises that required me to write an HTML file to display the applet I created using Eclipse. I resolved the issue by using Notepad++ to edit the HTML document, then I stored my HTML file in the bin directory of my Eclipse project. There is probably a more correct solution, but I was able to get the result that I was looking for: displaying my java applet (created in Eclipse) using a web browser.

I'm building a small web application in Eclipse. I made an HTML form and was unable to find an option to preview the page I built, and I have to run it on server to view it. In NetBeans, there is a built-in WYSIWYG html editor.

Is there some HTML plugin for Eclipse?

(I don't need MyEclipse)

I successfully used richhtml4eclipse as the WYSIWYG editor for an internal software project - You get a dialog with native widgets for style buttons, etc, and a plain looking window for the HTML view.

I also applied some post-processing to the output with the Java version of HTML Tidy, but that was more for version-control consistency reasons.

This is a native JFace container with an embedded Browser widget running a page with tiny_mce embedded.

It uses an older version of tiny_mce for it's internal HTML editor, and connects to it via an approach I've seen used elsewhere - passing events out to the native Java app via status bar changes, and accepting input via JavaScript calls on the Browser widget.

To clarify the installation of the "Web Page Editor" which is actually called "JSF Tools - Web Page Editor" in the installation menu:

Example for Eclipse Luna (try to use current eclipse version):

  • Help => Install new Software => Enter update site

  • Go to category "Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprice Development"

  • Select "JSF Tools - Web Page Editor"

  • Also select "JSF Tools" (the icons of the palette wont work if you do not select this)

You can skip the step with the category if you enter "Web Page Editor" in the search box.

The Palette of the Eclipse Luna "JSF Tools -Web Page Editor" does not contain html5 elements.

aptana studio 3 (eclipse plugin)