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Eclipse Java Missing required source folder: 'src' (7)

Create the src folder in the project.

I imported a jar file into workspace and this is the error I get:

Description Resource Path Location Type
Project 'Interpreter1' is missing required source folder: 'src' Interpreter1 Build path Build Path Problem

How can i get rid of this error?

Edit your .classpath file. (Or via the project build path).

Here's what worked for me: right click the project-> source -> format After that just drag and drop the source folder into eclipse under the project and select link.

good luck!

I was confused by this for hours.

Right click on project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path -> Add Folder

In eclipse, you must be careful to create a "source folder" (File->New->Source Folder). This way, it's automatically on your classpath, and, more importantly, Eclipse knows that these are compilable files. It's picky that way.

One of the build path issue is it cannot find the correct /src/conf source folder. Right click on each project, Build Path > Configure Build Path. Under the Source tab, remove the folder with a red cross icon on the bottom right. It will work for the situation that there is a small red exclamation mark “!“ bedore your project name!

Right-Click Project --> Build Path --> Configure Build Path; unselect the SRC, save, select again.

This solved my problem.