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How to insert a file in MySQL database? (3)

I want to insert a file in MYSQL database residing on a remote webserver using a webservice.

My question is: What type of table column (e.g. varchar, etc.) will store a file? And will the insert statement be somewhat different in case of a file?

File size by MySQL type:

  • TINYBLOB 255 bytes = 0.000255 Mb
  • BLOB 65535 bytes = 0.0655 Mb
  • MEDIUMBLOB 16777215 bytes = 16.78 Mb
  • LONGBLOB 4294967295 bytes = 4294.97 Mb = 4.295 Gb

You need to use BLOB, there's TINY, MEDIUM, LONG, and just BLOB, as with other types, choose one according to your size needs.

BLOB 65535
LONGBLOB 4294967295
(in bytes)

The insert statement would be fairly normal. You need to read the file using fread and then addslashes to it.