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Best C# Telnet Lib I've found is called Minimalistic Telnet. Very easy to understand, use and modify. It works great for the Cisco routers I need to configure.


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Is there a good, free telnet library available for C# (not ASP .NET)? I have found a few on google, but they all have one issue or another (don't support login/password, don't support a scripted mode).

I am assuming that MS still has not included a telnet library as part of .NET v3.5 as I couldn't find it if it was. I would loooooove to be wrong though.

I ended up finding MinimalistTelnet and adapted it to my uses. I ended up needing to be able to heavily modify the code due to the unique** device that I am attempting to attach to.

** Unique in this instance can be validly interpreted as brain-dead.


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