windows - without - In Vim, what is the simplest way to join all lines in a file into a single line?

vim join lines without space (4)

Ah, I found the answer.


Works like a charm.

EDIT: As pointed out in the comment:

:%join   -or-    :%j

...removes the range.

I want to join all lines in a file into a single line. What is the simplest way of doing this? I've had poor luck trying to use substitution (\r\n or \n doesn't seem to get picked up correctly in the case of s/\r\n// on Windows). Using J in a range expression doesn't seem to work either (probably because the range is no longer in 'sync' after the first command is executed).

I tried :1,$norm! J but this only did half of the file - which makes sense because it just joins each line once.

Another way:


"ggVG" visually selects all lines, and "J" joins them.

I’m surprised no one even mentioned the other way:

:%s/\n/ /

I am equally surprised that no one pointed out that the range 1,$ has a shorthand that’s written %.

(This doesn’t do the same thing as joining the lines, but depending on circumstances that may in fact be more appropriate.)

You can do it in three fewer keystrokes:


isn't ed grand?