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How to pass argument to Makefile from command line? (2)

From my perspective much easier to do something like a sample below. Consider a task:

        ansible-playbook -vvvv \
        -i .vagrant/provisioners/ansible/inventory/vagrant_ansible_inventory \
        --private-key=.vagrant/machines/default/virtualbox/private_key \
        --start-at-task="$(AT)" \
        -u vagrant playbook.yml

Now when I want to call it I just run something like:

AT="build assets" make provision

or just:

make provision in this case AT is an empty string

How to pass argument to Makefile from command line?

I understand I can do

$ make action VAR="value"
$ value

with Makefile

VAR = "default"
    @echo $(VAR)

How do I get the following behavior?

$ make action value


How about

$make action value1 value2
value1 value2

Here is a generic working solution based on @Beta's

I'm using GNU Make 4.1 with SHELL=/bin/bash atop my Makefile, so YMMV!

This allows us to accept extra arguments (by doing nothing when we get a job that doesn't match, rather than throwing an error).


And this is a macro which gets the args for us:

args = `arg="$(filter-out [email protected],$(MAKECMDGOALS))" && echo $${arg:-${1}}`

Here is a job which might call this one:

    @echo $(call args,defaultstring)

The result would be:

$ make test
$ make test hi