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How to save CSS changes of Styles panel of Chrome Developer Tools? (7)

How to save CSS changes of Styles panel of Google Chrome Developer Tools?

At tool's website it's mentioned that we can see all change in resource panel

But I'm working locally on a CSS file but changes are not showing in Resource panel for me

By the way Do you know any add-ons , tools to save css changes of Chrome Developer tools? I know for Firebug there are many

As long as you haven't been sticking the CSS in

  1. Go to a style you have added. There should be a link saying inspector-stylesheet:

  1. Click on that, and it will open up all the CSS that you have added in the sources panel

  2. Copy and paste it - yay!

If you have been using

You can just right-click on your HTML element, click Edit as HTML and then copy and paste the HTML with the inline styles.

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Starting in Chrome 65, Local Overrides is a new, lightweight way to do this. This is a different feature than Workspaces.

Set up Overrides

  1. Go to Sources panel.
  2. Go to Overrides tab.
  3. Click Select Folder For Overrides.
  4. Select which directory you want to save your changes to.
  5. At the top of your viewport, click Allow to give DevTools read and write access to the directory.
  6. Make your changes. In the GIF below, you can see that the background:rosybrown change persists across page loads.

How overrides work

When you make a change in DevTools, DevTools saves the change to a modified copy of the file on your computer. When you reload the page, DevTools serves the modified file, rather than the network resource.

The difference between overrides and workspaces

Workspaces is designed to let you use DevTools as your IDE. It maps your repository code to the network code, using source maps. The real benefit is if you're minifying your code, or using code that needs to get transpiled, like SCSS, then the changes you make in DevTools (usually) get mapped back into your original source code. Overrides, on the other hand, let you modify and save any file on the web. It's a good solution if you just want to quickly experiment with changes, and save those changes across page loads.

I know it is an old post, but I save it this way :

  1. Go to Sources pane.
  2. Click Show Navigator (to show the navigator pane on left).
  3. Click the CSS file you want. (It will open in the editor, with all changes you made)
  4. Right click on editor and Save your changes.

You can also see Local Modifications to see your revisions, very interesting feature. Also work with scripts.

To answer the last part of your question about any extensions that can save changes, there is hotfix

It allows you to save changes from Chrome Dev Tools directly to GitHub. From there you can set up a post-receive hook on GitHub to automatically update your website.

You're looking in the wrong section of "Resources".

It's not under "Local Storage", it's under "Frames":

The above screenshot shows a diff of the original styles against the new modifications made in the devtools. You can right-click the item in the left pane and save it back to disk.