working - Can I make Excel scroll smoothly without using middle-click?

unable to scroll in excel using mouse (4)

Another tip: when you click on Scroll lock on your keyboard, this will change the way your arrows keys will work.

Instead of moving from cell to cell, it will move the screen.

Yet, as Issun said, you cannot change Excel and AFAIK, you cannot "split" a cell when scrolling.

Furthermore, you can also change the number of rows that will scroll in the Windows Control Panel.

I must work with nightmare Excel files. (I didn't create them, I just have to work with them).

They were so big (more than 50 big columns and 100 big rows) then I must scroll up/down and use "<" and ">" buttons to scroll left and right. When I scroll around, Excel always jumps to the next column or row. This make me crazy!

Can I develop a plugin or add-in to make Excel just scroll smoothly, like web browsers do? If so, please give me some resource or just some keyword to learn how to do it.

Click down on scroll wheel (middle) of mouse (remember not turn, but click down). This will produce unique four way arrow. Now drag mouse up or down (or even sideways, left or right) and you will get slow smooth scroll.

I'm sorry to tell you but the snapping to the top of a cell when you scroll is a design choice by Microsoft that you simply cannot get around while working within Excel. You can middle click your mouse to enable smooth preview zoom with the mouse, but once you click the program, it will snap back.

Instead of looking for a plug-in, you should look for a different program to run the .xls files to work on them. Perhaps even something as simple as opening the document in Google docs might allow you to scroll normally.

That being said, if you are having the problem of the cells being so big that when you scroll down it skips over some cells, assign either a command button or keyboard shortcut to this macro:

Sub DownOne()
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=1
End Sub

I have used this on several occasions due to Excel skipping cells because of their size. The reason is that the mouse "single scroll down" is by default set to Down:=3 You might be able to map this macro to a mouse wheel scroll event, but I believe you need to add a .dll to use that event (ref:

Well, this is an extremely old thread, but I was having the same problem today.

Try going into your Mouse Settings in Control Panel and set your Wheel to Scroll 1 line at at a time.. I have some rows that are merged, and it was frustrating the hell out of me how quickly it would scroll past them. Turns out, I had my Wheel set to scroll 3 lines at a time (default I think).

Took me forever to figure it out (felt like an idiot once I did).

Note - You'll want to go back and set it back to 3 lines when you're done in Excel because it makes it painfully slow to scroll in your web browser.