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MySQL remove all whitespaces from the entire column (4)

Is there a way to remove all whitespaces from a specific column for all values?

Just use the following sql, you are done:

SELECT replace(CustomerName,' ', '') FROM Customers;

you can test this sample over here: W3School

Since the question is how to replace ALL whitespaces

UPDATE `table` 
SET `col_name` = REPLACE
(REPLACE(REPLACE(`col_name`, ' ', ''), '\t', ''), '\n', '');

Using below query you can remove leading and trailing whitespace in a MySQL.

UPDATE `table_name`
SET `col_name` = TRIM(`col_name`);

Working Query:

SELECT replace(col_name , ' ','') FROM table_name;

While this doesn't :

SELECT trim(col_name) FROM table_name;