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How can I find unused images and CSS styles in a website?

I am developing a website.
I use ready template.this template contains many css files with many css rules.
But I have few pages and I am sure I didn't use all selectors.
Is there any tool exist for scanning project HTML files and finding unused css rules and remove them ?
I found this question that says :

Dust-me Selectors is a firefox plugin that finds unused selectors.

But its not compatible with FF6 and seems it just review current viewing page and not scans whole website files.

You can get a general idea with chrome's developer tools.

  1. Open the page in Chrome
  2. Open developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+I)
  3. Open the Audits tab
  4. click run
  5. expand the "Remove unused CSS rules" item to view a list of style sheets that contain unused style rules.

This doesn't list them out oh wait... it does... XD