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what's the difference between putting script in head and body (2)

You cannot create web pages without HTML. Nowadays, javascript is the script of the web and, to do most things dynamically, you need to use it despite the many things CSS3 can even do.

I got asked a question that I really didn't know how to answer. "What's the difference between HTML5 and Javascript?" I mean we know HTML is a simple markup language but to get into the things that HTML5 does, such as the <canvas> tag for instance; don't you really NEED JavaScript to produce those canvas animations? Would you even be able to make an image slider without any JavaScript assistance? When it comes down to it wouldn't I be able to just use a JavaScript plugin vs HTML5 99% of the time?

Technically it HTML5 is a standard for the next generation of HTML. In reality it has become an all encompassing buzzword for javascript and every web technology developed since HTML4.

These are frequently refereed to as HTML5 technologies.

  • Javascript
  • HTML Canvas
  • WebGL
  • CSS3
  • Other CSS improvements such as flex boxes
  • Offline Storage
  • Geolocation
  • New events such as touch and orientation
  • Ajax
  • Websockets