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Visual Studio 2010-C++ project-remove*.sdf file (4)

The short answer is yes, you can safely delete the .sdf file.

However, note that you can actually prevent VS from creating .sdf files in the first place by setting the following option to True:

Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> C/C++ -> Advanced -> Disable Database

I would like to know if I can safely delete the sdf file that stores information for Visual Studios Intellisense - is it going to be rebuilt the next time that I open the solution?

Do I lose anything by doing so? Is it possible to break the solution this way?

The motivation to do so is that by having multiple small projects stored - each and every sdf file is more or less 20Mb in size which adds up to a noticeable amount of disk space.

You can delete this local file, don't worry. The SDFwill be from your "xxxDBDataSet.xsd" file. if you change it, the SDF file also be new.

You can safely delete the file. Visual Studio will rebuild the file the next time the solution is opened.

for sake of completeness, you can safely delete: - *.sdf - Debug folders (usually at two levels) - ipch folder (c#)