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Linq-to-SQL Timeout (3)

I've been receiving an error on one of my pages that the linq query has timed out as it is taking too long. It makes the page unusable.

It's a reports page which is only accessed by administrators around once a day. It's unavoidable to trim this query down at all, it just has to sort through a lot of data.

Solutions to fix this I've read are by increasing the timeout property in the data context, but I'd like to avoid doing that as it would change it for the entire website.

Is there any way to set a larger time out for individual pages?

@Tom Gullens answer didn't work for me on EF6

I had to drill down to Database on DbContext

Ecom.Database.CommandTimeout = 120;

Hope this saves you some time.

Before increasing a SQL timeout it is always worth evaluating your indexing strategy. It is rare, in my experience, that a query against a well indexed table and columns would timeout.

Des Owen

Tom Gullen's answer is a good one.

Another respondent mentioned setting the Connect Timeout in the connection string.
I wanted to caution that the connection timeout property of the connection string is NOT the command timeout. It's more obvious when you think about it. It's a common mistake.