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File size differences after copying a file to a server vía FTP (2)

Do you need to open the locfile in binary using rb?

f = open (locfile, "rb")

I have created a PHP-script to update a webserver that is live inside a local directory. I'm migrating the script into Python. It works fine for the most part, but after a PUT command the size of the file appears to change. Thus, the size of the file is different from that of the file on the server.

Once I download again the file from the FTP server, the only difference is the CR/LF mark. This annoys me because the same script is comparing the size of the files to update. Also, in case it means anything, the script works perfectly in PHP vía ftp_put.

from ftplib import FTP

ftpserver = "myserver"
ftpuser = "myuser"
ftppass = "mypwd"

locfile =  "g:/test/style.css"
ftpfile =  "/temp/style.css"

    ftp = FTP(ftpserver, ftpuser, ftppass)
    exit ("Cannot connect")

f = open (locfile, "r")
    ftp.delete (ftpfile)

# ftp.sendcmd ("TYPE I")
# ftp.storlines("STOR %s" % ftpfile, f)
ftp.storbinary("STOR %s" % ftpfile, f)

ftp.dir (ftpfile)

Any suggestions?

Small files take up a whole node on the filesystem whatever size that is.

My host tends to report all small files as 4kb in ftp but in a shell gives an accurate size so it might be a 'feature' common to ftp clients.