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I have been looking around for some example projects or tutorials on Linq to Nhibernate.

Does anyone know of any good ones?

Here is one I have found. It talks about a few more technologies other than LINQ to NHibernate. But I still find it good. LINQ to NHibernate

Linq to NHibernate has not many differences from any other Linq provider, apart from not being complete or fully tested and stable.

When you import NHibernate.Linq you get an extension method .Linq() that returns a IQueryable that can be used like any other Linq collection, so from here, any good Linq tutorial or explanation can help you.

The most interesting thing that you get with Linq to NHibernate IMHO is deferred execution. That is that the database is hit when you really need the results.

Hope this helps.