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How to search through VBA code files (2)

Another option, not previously mentioned - is to just print the Project Code, from the context menu, in the VBA Editor. The steps below, can be modified, to suit applications available, but the result is the same - searchable text.

From the VBA Editor, right click the project name, and click print, from the context menu that appears. Make sure "Code" is checked, and click "OK". The printer can be changed, from the "Setup..." menu, available in the last dialog.

On a side note - stand alone modules, SQL, tables, etc, are available for printing, from the "Database Documenter", in the "Analyze" group, of the "DATABASE TOOLS" tab.

Very useful, for sorting and outlining underlying SQL, of Access queries.

I just started a job with a new company where previous developers had created many automated tasks. Of course, there is virtually no documentation and I didn't have a chance to work with the previous developer so now I'm trying to sift through all these processes looking for one that modifies some specific files.

I've scripted all the stored procs in SQL and used a search tool and didn't find what I was looking for, so now I am wondering if the process I need is located in one of many Access databases that are used. With SQL Server, it was easy to write a C# app to script the procs so I could search through them, but with Access it looks like I'm confined to opening each db individually to search through the code files.

Is there any way to programatically search through VBA code files?

Best to download the free MZ-Tools for VBA and use their search/replace function.


MZ-Tools for VBA is no longer available. The paid version works with newer office installations.