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How can I show line numbers by default in Eclipse?

Window → Preferences → General → Editors → Text Editors → Show line numbers.

Edit: I wrote this long ago but as @ArtOfWarfar and @voidstate mentioned you can now simply:

Right click the gutter and select "Show Line Numbers":

Eclipse has a search feature in the top left box of the Preferences. Type in 'line numbers' in that search box, and presto...

In case you're tired of googling each time you forget...

If this doesn't work it may be overridden by your current settings. You can right-click in the bar to the left of the code where line numbers would normally appear and turn them on with the context menu.

On a Mac do this:

cmd + , or ADT -> Preferences 

Expand General -> Editors ->Text Editors

Check box: Show line numbers

Slight variation on Mac OSX:
Eclipse → Preferences → General → Editors → Text Editors → Show line numbers

The top answer is good but you can also bind it to a key ( shorcut ) to toggle it..

Window > Preferences > Keys then enter "Line Numbers" in filter and bind it to a key.

I use CTRL + S + L.

Windows → Preferences → General → Text Editors → Show numberlines

in this file


make sure the parameter


is NOT 255,255, 255, which is white

the eclipse changes the perferences's position

to eclipse -> perferences

this will be the appropriate solution for asked question:

String lineNumbers = AbstractDecoratedTextEditorPreferenceConstants.EDITOR_LINE_NUMBER_RULER; EditorsUI.getPreferenceStore().setValue(lineNumbers, true);