node.js gitlab - How to install a private NPM module without my own registry?

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cd somedir
npm install .


npm install path/to/somedir

somedir must contain the package.json inside it.

It knows about git too:

npm install git://
package the

I've taken some shared code and put it in an NPM module, one I don't want to upload to the central registry. The question is, how do I install it from other projects?

The obvious way is probably to set up my own NPM registry, but according to the documentation, that involves a lot of hassle.

Can I just install an NPM module that sits on the local filesystem, or perhaps even from git?

npm install --from-git [email protected]:project

Can I just install an NPM package that sits on the local filesystem, or perhaps even from git?

Yes you can! From the docs

A package is:

  • a) a folder containing a program described by a package.json file
  • b) a gzipped tarball containing (a)
  • c) a url that resolves to (b)
  • d) a <name>@<version> that is published on the registry with (c)
  • e) a <name>@<tag> that points to (d)
  • f) a <name> that has a "latest" tag satisfying (e)
  • g) a <git remote url> that resolves to (b)

Isn't npm brilliant?

FWIW: I had problems with all of these answers when dealing with a private organization repository.

The following worked for me:

npm install -S "git+https://[email protected]/orgname/repositoryname.git"

For example:

npm install -S "git+https://[email protected]/netflix/private-repository.git"

I'm not entirely sure why the other answers didn't work for me in this one case, because they're what I tried first before I hit Google and found this answer. And the other answers are what I've done in the past.

Hopefully this helps someone else.

Structure your code in an accessible fashion like below. If this is possible for you.

  • NodeProjs\Apps\MainApp\package.json

  • NodeProjs\Modules\DataModule\package.json

Within MainApp @ NodProjs\Apps\MainApp\

npm install --S ../../Modules/DataModule

You may need to update package.json as:

 "dependencies": {
       "datamodule": "../../Modules/DataModule"

This worked for my situation.

Npm now provides unlimited private hosted modules for $7/user/month used like so

cd private-project
npm login

in your package json set "name": " @username/private-project"

npm publish

then to require your project:

cd ../new-project
npm install --save @username/private-project

I use the following with a private github repository:

npm install github:mygithubuser/myproject


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